About inQuisitiEve

inQuisitiEve is an online community created for women ready to go on the journey of personal growth and development. Lessons are all around us, we can learn about life through different mediums: books, movies, dramas, music, and personal experience. Opportunities for growth happen every day, we all just need to be present and open to what life has to offer us.

inQuisitiEve is founded on the four principles:

Authenticity: Striving to be your authentic self is often the greatest challenge for human beings. Innately, we want to belong. We want to be good. We want to be loved. Being authentic is more about walking in our truth than standing in the shadows of our false selves. Life is meant to be lived and the latter is not living it watching your life go by.

Compassion: We are more the same than we like to think. What we share that connects us as human beings are our emotions and feelings. Some of us have more control over our emotions and trigger, while others may need to add more tools to their toolbox. Understanding why we respond the way that we do, helps us to be more compassionate for others.

Openness: Growth rarely happens to those of us unwilling to water your seeds in preparation for harvest. Keeping an open mind aids in this process. We propose our truth as where we are in the process, which may not be ideal, but it provides authentic value

Creativity: We are all creators. Whether it’s the drama and struggle that we see in our lives, the solutions we develop for work and home, or the art we cultivate in our daily lives for inspiration, motivation, or purpose. Creativity is at the heart of all of these outcomes and everything that is written on this site.

What’s different about inQusitiEve than other personal development sites?

inQuisitiEve shares the author’s personal growth journey. The difference between inQuistiEve and other personal development sites is our readers gain a deeper understanding of life through the introspective experiences of the author(s). This is as real as it gets people. Instead of telling you how to live a better life, we aim to show you the journey, unpolished sharing real, raw, and relatable experiences of someone like you.

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