Book Review: 3 Reasons Why The Last Black Unicorn was not a Good Read

the last black unicorn

Tiffany Haddish’s new book, The Last Black Unicorn has been on the New York Times bestsellers list for the last two weeks. I am extremely happy for this resilient woman! She is funny, determined and unapologetically Tiffany.

Life has thrown Ms. Tiffany a few curve balls. To name a few, she was illiterate until high school; a fatherless child; the primary caretaker of her siblings and abusive and mentally-ill mother; and in the foster care system for most of her life. She gets mad props for coming out of that with her humor in check. However, I have to keep it real with my readers. I was not feeling this book at all!

At first, I wasn’t interested in reading this book. I’m usually a stickler when it comes to books. I navigate towards literary novels and memoirs for its insight into the human condition. Whenever I read something that doesn’t meet my lowest expectation of raw truth, I am immediately turned off. Since Tiffany Haddish is relatively new in the entertainment industry, I didn’t think she had enough time to write a thought-provoking book or experience in the limelight to gain insight from her come up. Though I applaud her for writing the book and entertaining many of her fans who thought the book was hilarious–I’m not one of them.

Some reviewers thought her writing style and unnecessary use of profanity made the book sucky.  Personally, I think its more than the writing style and profanity. Beyond the fact that the book did not meet my expectations on being funny, it lacked literary sustenance for the following three reasons:

3 Reasons Why The Last Black Unicorn was not a Good Read for me:

  1. The stories in the book did not support the title. The title of a book is as important as the content. Whenever we read a title, it gives a hint about what we should expect while reading it. Kevin Hart’s book, I Can’t Make This Up suggests that the reader is going to go on a wild ride filled with humor and honesty. He set the tone and delivered a hilarious book that shared excellent insight.
  2. Haddish shared the most shocking stories in the book during interviews. If you are a fan of Tiffany Haddish, then you’ve heard the story about her mother’s accident and the details she shared in the book.  Everything else told in the book was familiar in that we either experienced it ourselves or know someone who had experienced it. Nothing new here. Moving on…
  3. The book lacked thought-provoking ideas. I sensed a lot of grandiosity in this book. Ms. Tiffany told us about the experiences she had but didn’t say what she had learned from the experience, other than she fell victim to her circumstances. Haven’t we all been victimized?  This book would have been better if Ms. Tiffany had focused on the pivotal question: What insight have I gained from this experience?

Nevertheless, I have mad love for Tiffany Haddish. She is a funny woman who is not afraid to be herself–that’s an excellent quality in a human being. I want to see her win in life, but, I have to speak my truth because the truth sets us free.

Q: Have you read this book? I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts about it. Let’s discuss…

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