SAG Awards| Denzel Washington hits a HOME RUN

Fences, Viola Davis, Denzel Washington, SAG Awards

Denzel Washington (literally) hits a home run at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards. In the past,  Denzel Washington has had several SAG nominations for best actor: Flight, Training Day and The Hurricane.  Neither yielded him an award. For his outstanding performance in Fences, which he also directed, Washington finally took home a win!

Washington wasn’t the only African-American actor who took home 2017 SAG awards.  Neither was he the only actor who won for outstanding performance in Fences. Viola Davis made history as the first African-American actress to win a five SAG Awards.

Putting Viola Davis and Denzel Washington together proved to be a smart move for Fences‘ Casting Director. Both actors knock every character they play out the ballpark.  Powerful! It’s a fantastic win for both of them.

Is it too late to see the movie in theaters?

Fences is currently showing in movie theaters. Check out to see where it’s showing in your area.

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