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~Live to love. Learn to inspire~

Hello, my curious friends!

Welcome to my slice of heaven on the Web! My name is Eve, and I am the founder of Inquisitieve.com.  Although I named this site after me, I want my readers to know that what I post will be for them. I have embarked on a journey towards self-enlightenment and feel it is necessary to spread as much love and knowledge as I possibly can throughout this process. Many blog sites that cater to personal development lack the personal touch. You won’t find that on this website. Each article is written from the writer’s point of view, embedded with relatable stories from the writer’s life.  As humans, we often feel as though we are alone. No one understands what we are going through. I’m here to tell you that what you are going through is nothing new. Many people have dealt with or are dealing with the same problem. The difference is a lot of us tend to judge instead of relating to an individual’s struggle. Authenticity and raw truth drive this blog, and our destination is spiritual enlightenment.  So join me on this journey by becoming a follower. We can learn a lot from one another.


Inquisitieve is a unique and curious guide to personal development. As stated above, we add a personal touch to the articles to humanize the reader’s experience. This site shares inspirational and thought-provoking articles on media topics: books, music, movies, and television. We also curate inspirational stories from famous and influential people in America.  Our mission is to enlighten our readers by sharing authentic stories to influence positive change.  We aim to provide our readers with resource and information that may benefit them on their journey towards personal growth. Your feedback, suggestions, and stories are valuable to us.

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