About Us


~We bring good curiosity to life~

Welcome to my little piece of heaven on the Web! I’m so glad you came to visit me and hope that you will come back again.

For many years, I’ve been trying to create a blog that has a personal touch. One that shares opinions and insights about the arts, particularly music, movies, television, and books. Although, I am more inclined to watch a movie before I’ll read a book; I do love the depth and breath of a good literary or autographical novel. Every month, I’ll share a book of the month.

 About Us: What will you find on InQusitiEve.com?

Articles and reviews about music, movies, and television series. Since the people who are in these entertainment genres are celebrities, you’ll also find celebrity news. One thing you will rarely find on this site is gossipy content unless it directly affects a sociological aspect of society. My intent is to educate and enlighten, not tear people down.

Why the name InQuisitiEve?

The site name is a combination of my natural inclination to ask questions and my first name. Inquisitive + Eve = InQusitiEve.  My curiosity often stems from my hunger for knowledge. Something I plan to share with my audience. Rather than a site that provides you with information, my overall goal is to build a community of entertainment lovers. I can learn just as much from you as you can learn from me. So, please do not hesitate to comment and share the articles with others.

Content Mission

I believe in our right to freedom of expression and will exercise this right by any means necessary. The article length varies. Some concepts need 1500 words to convey a message; others, 300 words. What you won’t see is thoughtless short articles that report the goings on without a message or theme.

If you have any feedback about this site, please contact me via the contact page.



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