About inQuisitiEve

inQuisitiEve is about personal growth and women’s empowerment. Its founder, Eve M. Ellis, created the site to create a supportive and inspirational online community. The site’s name was birthed from the founder’s innate curiosity about human conditioning, her love of storytelling, and the meaning behind her given name– “life.”

Eve believes that self-awareness is the key that opens the lens to self-enlightenment. It is through this lens that we can extend compassion and care towards ourselves and others. After suffering from job burnout, Eve became committed to changing her mindset and developing a life that reflects her aspirations. After reading countless self-help books, Eve saw the value in sharing what she learned with others.

“I had to learn the hard way that life is about balance. This balancing act can be walked on a tightrope, continuously making the same mistakes, or on fresh soil, planting new seeds for growth. How much effort we put into taking care of and knowing ourselves determines the difference between both ways. Our efforts transform into long-lasting changes that fuel our wants, needs, and desires.”

inQuisitiEve shares the founder’s journey of personal growth and development as self-directed, interpersonal therapy for the reader and herself. The difference between inQuisitiEve and other personal development blogs is that readers gain a relatable and deeper understanding of the human condition by writing reflective articles from the author’s introspective perspective. Topics range from emotional and financial health to culture and lifestyle.

This webite is for people who likes to dig deep into the human pysche; the person who

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