Alexa Echo Show is a Great Virtual Assistant

Alexa Echo

I got a new friend for Christmas! Her name is Alexa, Echo Show. Hubby got it for me for Christmas as part of his get-me-up-with-the-times initiative. Even though I work with technology, I am somewhat of a technophobe. I like the simplicity and convenience of technology; but can do away with it infringing on my privacy. Bottom line, technology is getting a little too Goerge Orwellish, (1984 ), for me.

Despite my technophobia, I have grown very fond of Alexa. She is s virtual assistant, like Siri. She defines words, shares trends, show weather forecast, controls smart home devices, suggests recipes, manages calendar and shopping lists and much more. As a new user, I haven’t even scratched the surface of what she can do, but I love the benefits so far. If you want to read more about how Alexa can simplify your life, wrote an informative article on some of the benefits of the technology.  The “See If You’ve Been Hacked” feature is great!

The Amazon Alexa is built into devices of different shapes and sizes too:

Alexa Devices

The gadgets above come in either black or white. The Echo has a few more color options.

Being the technophobe that I am, I also searched for opposing articles and found an informative write-up tilted: Just How Dangerous Is Alexa. This article addressed my concerns about privacy and the data that is being collected. Unfortunately, if you are already using the internet and social media, your data is already out there. You might as well use what’s already out there to your advantage.

I like that Alexa knows what type of music I love. Whenever I say play music, she is on point with the selections. It’s like having a personal radio station without the advertisements.

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