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Jayz, Kalief Brwoder Documentary

Beyonce vocalized her stance on the black lives matter movement. From her unexpected and stellar performance at the Super Bowl to her monetary contributions to the black matter movement, Beyonce’ made it known  what she stands for. Undoubtedly, she is  an advocate for the black lives matter movement.

With all of the attention Beyonce receives, one has to wonder what her husband Jay Z is doing to raise awareness or fight for the cause. His contribution has not been as loud as Beyonce’s, but he has been working to expose the New York City criminal system for its corruption.  JayZ will be releasing “Time: Kalief Browder’s Story” to television as a six-part documentary series.

Who is Kalief Browder?

For those of you who do not know about Kalief Browder, allow me to put you down. In 2010, sixteen-year-old Kalief Browder was arrested for a robbery then imprisoned for three years without a conviction. For two years of Browder’s incarceration, he endured solitary confinement, starvation, and was badly beaten by the guards and inmates. This abuse led to Browder attempting suicide multiple times inside the prison and after he was released. In 2015 at the age of 22, Kalief Browder committed suicide by hanging at his parent’s home.

The tragic loss of this young man stuck with Jay Z who reached out to him while he was alive to give him words of encouragement. But the psychological damage had already been done.

Importance of this documentary

Bringing light to the treatment of African-Americans in the prison system, as well as outside of the prison system, is the perfect move to inspire change in America. History tells us that a simple decision like having an open casket at Emmett Till’s funeral can inspire a civil rights movement.

The six-part documentary series, Time: Kalief Browder Story debuts on Spike Tv in January 2017.

Watch Kalief Browder’s interview with ABCNews after his release from prison here.



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