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black panther movie

Black Panther Movie Trailer

It’s black history month 2017.  Marvel Comics Studios has made an impression on black history in film.  For those of us African-Americans who feel slighted by Hollywood because there are not enough positive and substantive movies to represent us, this one is for you!  Black Panther is phenomenal in every way imaginable to modern-day film. The storyline is wrapped tightly in African culture, plot perfect. The characters are fierce, yet compassionate.  And, the special effects reaches out and pulls you into the action scenes as if the hand of God touched your mind, body, and spirit. Okay, that might be an overstatement, but you get my point.

Not only will you see a predominately African-American cast, but also an African-American (Ryan Coogler) directed the movie. Coogler is known for his work on Fruitville Station and Creed. He is making his mark in the film industry, and so far it seems as if he is focusing on creating authentic and empowering images of African-Americans on the big screens.

In addition to directing the film, Coogler also co-wrote the movie with another African-American screenwriter, Joe Robert Cole and Marvel Comic writers, Steve Lee and Jack Kirby.

Movie Summary:

No spoilers here! I want you to get the full experience from unknowing to being mind-blown. You’ll have to dig into your pockets and pay for a ticket to see what’s happening in this movie.  What I will say is that the script: tightly written. It’s a classic revenge plot with historical context. Marvel Comic Studios took full advantage of the technology that’s available to us and took great care in depicting an original and genuine storyline. I wouldn’t be surprised if it inspires a spike in the baby name popularity of Wakanda. It’s just that good. I even saw a little caucasian boy ask his father to take his picture in front of the theater’s movie poster. Now, that’s amazing and demonstrates the difference a movie can make.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, go out and see it.  You won’t regret your purchase.This movie deserves a nomination for an Oscar in several categories: best picture, screenplay, and director. Although I am biased to say that it deserves a win in all the listed categories, it’s just too early in the year to tell. But, we can secure them an Oscar nomination by helping them break box office numbers. A lot of hard work went into developing this movie and the studio, casts and production team deserve all the accolades they can get.

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