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“Mr. Church”| Critics Rave about Eddie Murphy’s Performance

Image Credit: IMDB

Surprisingly, critics rave about Eddie Murphy’s performance in Mr. Church.  This is surprising because Murphy is usually a hit or miss when it comes to serious dramatic roles. Oftentimes his fans find it hard to take him serious because his facial expressions and body movements are hilarious on their own. It will be interesting to […]

Meme Creator | Straight Outta What?

straight outta

I have to give credit where credit is due. The marketing strategy behind the  “Straight Outta Somewhere (link below)” meme is genius!  If you can’t beat ’em, you should definitely join ’em. This must have been the marketing team’s line of thinking when they came up with the idea for these memes.  I’m also guessing […]

Sandra Bullock |Arguably one of the best Actresses

In the 90’s Sandra Bullock was that actress that movie lovers liked to see on the screen. And for me, it all started with “Speed.” In 1994, Speed was one of the most intense thrillers in the movie theaters. I remember my husband nearly walking out of the movie theater when he saw the baby […]

Maleficent| How far would you go?


It’s refreshing to see a different side of  Disney’s classic storyline, Sleeping Beauty. “Maleficent” tells the story from the villain’s point of view. Its strongest theme: love conquers all. A lesson that resonates with adults and children alike. Disney recycled a classic story and weaved it into something fresh and new for their beloved audience. […]

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