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First Debate | 2016 Presidential Election

presidential debate

The first presidential debate for the 2016 presidential campaign happened on September 26th. To say the least raised an alarm. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did little to sustain America’s faith in this country.  Regardless of your stance, neither candidate hit home on the debate issues. For those of us voting on November 8th, our […]

Bullying | Teen fights back with “Sit With Us” App


A teenager fights back with a phone app.  Sixteen-year-old, Natalie Hampton was being ostracized by her classmates, which led to her being alone during lunch period every day. Ignoring the seating protocol was not an option for Hampton. Doing so would lead to her being humiliated in front of the entire lunchroom. Sitting alone has […]

New Fashion Line | Rihanna launches Fenty Puma

Fenty Puma, Rihanna

Fenty Puma by Rihanna launched on Tuesday, Sept 6th at the pop-up shops at Footlocker and Bergdorf Goodman in New York.  Inspired by Japenese culture,  Rihanna’s Autumn/Fall  Fenty collection is luxuriously oversized and long. The line consist mostly of two colors: black and white. During a Q and A session with AP staff, Rhianna compared […]