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Black Lives Matter | JayZ produces a documentary

Jayz, Kalief Brwoder Documentary

Beyonce vocalized her stance on the black lives matter movement. From her unexpected and stellar performance at the SuperBowl to her monetary contributions to the black matter movement, Beyonce’ made it known who she is and what she stands for. Undoubtedly, she is  an advocate for the black lives matter movement. With all of the […]

First Debate | 2016 Presidential Election

presidential debate

The first presidential debate for the 2016 presidential campaign happened on September 26th. To say the least raised an alarm. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did little to sustain America’s faith in this country.  Regardless of your stance, neither candidate hit home on the debate issues. For those of us voting on November 8th, our […]

The Rap Game | Season Finale-Winner Prediction

Image Credit: IMDB, rap game

UPDATED: 9/23 Today we will find out who will win a contract on “The Rap Game,” season 2. Once again, Jermaine Dupri (JD) will have a difficult decision to make because all of the contestants have grown since they started on the show. But, there can only be one winner. Based on the rap game […]

“Queen Sugar” | Rutina Wesley new television series

Queen Sugar, Rutina Wesley

Since the season finale of Showtime’s vampire series, “True Blood,”  we haven’t seen much of Rutina Wesley in a strong lead/supporting role. It’s refreshing to see that she recently landed a new lead role on Television as the lead in Queen Sugar, OWNS newest drama series. The series premieres on September 6, 2016. Based on […]