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Inspirational reviews on television shows.

Black Lives Matter | JayZ produces a documentary

Jayz, Kalief Brwoder Documentary

Beyonce vocalized her stance on the black lives matter movement. From her unexpected and stellar performance at the Super Bowl to her monetary contributions to the black matter movement, Beyonce’ made it known  what she stands for. Undoubtedly, she is  an advocate for the black lives matter movement. With all of the attention Beyonce receives, […]

NetFlix Originals | The Get Down is Money Well Spent

The Get Down, NetFlix Original

When it comes to Television series, Netflix is rising high in ranks with original programs like Orange is the New Black,  Stranger Things and House of Cards, to name a few.  However, the work they put into The Get Down, placed them on a completely different level. They’ve pushed their way out of the safe […]

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