Ellen Degeneres | Ellen’s leaving her talk show?

Ellen Degeneres, The Ellen Show

RETRACTION: The information in this article is false. There is no evidence that Ellen Degeneres is planning to leave her show to focus on an anti-aging skin care product. Thank God!

According to US Weekly, Ellen Degeneres is leaving The Ellen Show after nearly 15 years on the air. Accordingly, Ellen, 58, has decided to focus on anti-aging skincare. After overhearing her NBC executives talk about replacing her with a younger host, Ellen found a miracle skincare product that took years off her face. Since then, Ellen’s mission has been to “make the world a better place,” by sharing her skin-care findings with the world.Fans are going to miss that cute dance she does at the start of her show.

The skin care products that Ellen lives by is Derma Eye Serum and Nuevoderm Ageless Moisturizer. After using these products, Ellen stated that she felt as if she, “was aging backwards.” Wow, that’s a powerful statement. (Insert side effects here). Nevertheless, it will be interesting to find affordable skin care products that will keep our faces tight and right for a longer period of time.

Q: Do you think Ellen should leave The Ellen Show?

Source: UsWeekly

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