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What would you do if you had to spend 30 million dollars in 30 days to inherit 300 million? This is the premise for Brewster’s Millions, starring Richard Pryor (Monty Brewster) and John Candy. To raise the odds, Monty cannot own anything once the 30 days are up. This makes spending the money increasingly difficult, not to mention the fact that he must keep this deal a secret. Throughout the entire movie, Monty looks for ways to spend money, while his people look for ways to keep him rich. The main person who tries to keep the money flowing is his best friend, Spike, played by John Candy.


Although the plot would never happen to the average person in a million years, this movie is fun to watch. One of the most interesting parts of this movie is the political campaign. Monty found a way to get rid of a lot of money by running for Mayor of New York City. His entire campaign revolved around the idea of voting for “none of the above.”  Ironically, the citizens of New York City wanted to elect him as mayor forcing him to drop out of the race. In the end, however, the citizens chose “none of the above” forcing a new campaign. Considering the candidates we have for the 2016 Presidential campaign, “none of the above” is sounding like a great alternative, but I doubt that will happen.

About Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor was an American actor, writer, and producer. However, he is often credited as one of the greatest stand-up comedians.  Throughout his career, he starred in 47 movies. A few of which are American classics, especially the roles he played alongside Gene Wilder in Stir Crazy, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Silver Streak. Before multiple sclerosis took over his life and resulted in his death in 2005, Pryor co-starred with Eddie Murphy in the hilarious, classic comedy, Harlem Nights.

Click here to watch the trailer to some of Pryor’s greatest performances.

Q: Are you a fan of Richard Pryor? If so, what is your favorite Richard Pryor standup or movie?


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