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The Get Down, NetFlix Original

When it comes to Television series, Netflix is rising high in ranks with original programs like Orange is the New BlackStranger Things and House of Cards, to name a few.  However, the work they put into The Get Down, placed them on a completely different level. They’ve pushed their way out of the safe zone with easy to set and direct scripts from this time period. The Get Down is set in 1970 Brooklyn, New York with details so finely tuned the viewer would think they’ve experienced time travel.

The Get Down is a period drama about a group of teenagers who lived in the 1970s Boogie Down Bronx, during the urban housing crisis and Ezekial (Justice Smith) and Mylene (Herizen F. Guardiola) who both had dreams of being in the music industry. Ezekial crossed paths with an aspiring DJ, Shaolin Fantastic (Shameik Moore) and form the rap group, Fantastic Four. All the while, Mylene chases after a singing contract with a low-key drug addict as her manager. These three characters’ stories converge to make one of the most intriguing television series on NetFlix.

In addition to the convergence of the above-stated characters, the series gain authenticity in its portrayal of the one of hip-hop’s originators, Grand Master Flash. In fact, it was the Grand Master’s story that made creator, Baz Lurhman, want to develop the story in great detail to let ” the world needs to know what it is that [he] did that makes [him] responsible for turntablism and the birth of rap.” As Executive Director of  The Get Down, Grand Master Flash insight into that time period is invaluable.

Unlike most critically acclaimed NetFlix Originals, The Get Down released six episodes for its first season. The next six episodes waits for either the next season or a second installment of the first season. We’ll just have to wait and see.

So how much did The Get Down cost?

With all of the detail that went into developing this period series, one has to wonder how much it cost. According to Variety, the production budget is the largest in history ($120 million). Sheesh!  Variety also reported that the cost was due to creative decision making, not the immaculate portrayal of the period.  Nevertheless, The Great Gatsby screenplay writer (Lurhman) gave viewers another visual masterpiece. Thanks are in order!

If you haven’t watched it yet, please do. You will appreciate the results of Lurhman’s fight to make us realize his vision. Also, it’s one of the best historical portrayals of our beloved hip-hop.

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Q: What’s your opinion of

Q: What’s your opinion of The Get Down?







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