Jewelry Heist | Kim Kardashian staged her robbery?

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As the days of the investigation of Kim Kardashian-West’s hotel heist unfolds, doubt increases. According to several sources, the story doesn’t add up. From the lack of security in her hotel room to the absence of DNA evidence and surveillance footage, Kardashian-West is being painted as a criminal. One who would do anything to anything to get people’s attention, including staging her own heist.

A few things are certain about what led to Kardashian’s robbery; she flaunted her ring on social media for America to see how good a husband Kanye West is being to her. In hindsight, she regrets this move and, as a result, withdrew from posting on social media. In recent posts, Kardashian shows off her new 20-karat Lorraine Schwartz emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. None of this makes sense to me, but I am not as involved in social media modeling as many have become. After this ordeal, Kardashian vows to not flash her wealth on social media again. Smart move.

Social media, home of the humble brag. You would think that people would be more careful about what they post these days, especially since our country is engaged in cyber warfare. But, this is not the case with Kim Kardashian. Posting to social media is her potentially her largest source of income (see below).

On Monday 10/3 around 2:30am Paris time, masked men broke into Kardashian’s hotel room. They gained access to the room by the concierge who was in the bathroom with Kardashian as robbers stole 13 items worth, according to an insurance claim, $5.6 million, close to 4 million of that is the appraisal value of her new engagement ring.

Why people are speculating that Kardashian staged the incident:

  1. There is no security footage of the crime. All five of the robbers avoided the hotel’s surveillance cameras.
  2. Kim Kardashian was left alone in the room without a bodyguard. Her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, was two miles away at a night club with Kourtney and Kendell –DailyMail
  3. According to Matt Fiddes (Former bodyguard of Micheal Jackson), the robbers got through a deadlocked armored door that was bolted from the inside. – DailyMail
  4. Kardashian security team only consisted of three bodyguards, despite the country’s ongoing state of emergency and recent home robberies in the same area.
  5. No one saw the robbers leaving on bikes. They were invisible throughout the entire robbery, with the exception of the time that Kardashian and the concierge saw them.

All of these questions do reveal holes in the story, but it seems asinine to accuse Kardashian of insurance fraud. What reason would she have to commit such a crime? According to financial advisor Samuel Rad, Kardashian-West stands to lose more than 1 million per month from her social media withdrawal, alone. That’s a lot of money for posting images on social media. It also explains her money mindset. 5.6 million dollars is nothing compared to what she stands to make this year. What’s more, that million-dollar bankroll does not even include the amount she’s paid for appearances to events. The payment for that is 200,000 to 300,000 per appearance.

Now, I understand the meaning behind, Keeping up with the Kardashians. Damn! If these estimates are correct, popularity pays well.

Sources: New York Post, People, Daily Mail

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