Maleficent| How far would you go?


It’s refreshing to see a different side of  Disney’s classic storyline, Sleeping Beauty. “Maleficent” tells the story from the villain’s point of view. Its strongest theme: love conquers all. A lesson that resonates with adults and children alike. Disney recycled a classic story and weaved it into something fresh and new for their beloved audience. And, the resolution came with a nice little twist. Good, wholesome entertainment!

You will definitely want to watch this more than once. There is a powerful message about what ambition, greed, and envy can do to a person if they are not conscientious. How far would you go to have money and power? Would you betray your family, friends or colleagues? Just something to think about.

Deeper Perspective of the Movie

For a different, deeper perspective on the opening scene of this movie, you should read Hayley Krishner’s article on the Huffington Post–very insightful!

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