Tupac Biopic | Marcc Rose to play Tupac

Marcc Rose, Tupac

“Uncanny” is the word most people are using to describe Marcc Rose, the actor who portrays Tupac Shakur in “Straight Outta Compton,” which premieres on 8/14/2015. If this doesn’t make you curious enough to go and see the movie, I don’t know what will.

I must say that there is nothing more attractive than an anal-retentive Casting Director. Whoever cast this movie was not playing when it came down to portraying the characters visually and personally. As a movie buff, I have great respect for production teams who take these decisions seriously. When doing a biopic, the cast has to be believable. Jamie Foxx didn’t look like Ray Charles, but he played an excellent Ray because he learned his mannerism. The same goes for Jamal Woolard who played Biggie Smalls in Notorious. And although Anthony Mackie did a fine job playing Tupac in “Notorious,” it would be a nice to see someone who looks like Tupac play the lead in “Mackaveli.” Did I just name the Biopic? Anyway…

Will Marcc Rose Play in Tupac’s Biopic?

They must have searched far and wide to find this young man. He looks so much like Tupac that you have to do a double take just to make sure your eyes are not deceiving you. Visuals are important, but as I stated in the previous paragraph, the character has to be believable. We will not know until 8/14 whether or not Marcc Rose has what it takes to play such an important role. Being the lead in a biopic, especially one about the legendary, Tupac, is not an easy task. If he does have ‘exceptional’ acting skills, somebody (not Lifetime) needs to start working on a biopic movie.

I think it ironic that Marcc’s last name is Rose and Tupac’s famous poem is titled poem: “A Rose that Grew from Concrete–An Autobiography.” Prophetic?

Lifetime Biopics

As I stated, and I stand by this assertion, Lifetime should not have anything to do with this Biopic movie. Viewers were very disappointed in the last two biopics they did. Aaliyah and Whitney Houston fans were not given the common courtesy and respect they deserved. Both biopics looked as if they were thrown together with little thought to the audience’s expectations. Shame on you, Lifetime and the staff you hired. You guys clearly don’t know what you are doing over there!



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