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Martin Lawrence

I had the pleasure of watching Martin Lawrence career as a comedic rock star go up in flames as I streamed his latest standup, Doin’ Time: Uncut.  The show failed in comparison to his former standup.  I laughed a bit, here and there, but nothing as gutwrenching as the time he did the skit on the Fly or talked about the crazy deranged lovers. I felt sorry for him because his new material seemed old, washed out.

I expected to witness the comedic wit of a young Marty Mar, whose comebacks hit harder than his self-proclaimed outstanding boxing skills. Instead, I had to listen to him make up subpar stories about visiting the White House. No real truth came out of Martin’s comedic narrative. He stood on stage as a crumbled down version of his former self.

I do not take great pride in writing this. I am a fan of Martin Lawrence. At one point in my life, he was the reason I paid for HBO. The anticipation of watching the next episode of Def Comedy Jam used to get me through the work week.  You never knew what Marty Mar was going to say out of his mouth.  I still reminisce on the episode when he roasted a female audience member who had a lot of hair, “there’s a bald horse in Central Park.” Now that was classic, You So Crazy, Martin.

Is a comeback possible for Martin Lawrence?

Absolutely. Everyone is capable of making a comeback, but I highly doubt Martin’s will be on a large scale. At some point, you have to pass the comedic baton to the younger crowd. Steve Harvey is a prime example.

Regardless of this performance, Martin will go down in history as one of the most talented comedians in the world. His depictions of Shenaynay, Jerome, Roscoe, and (my personal favorite) Dragon Fly Jones in Martin’s sitcom were the funniest portrayals Television isn’t the only medium where Martin has made his mark. Several movies are equally classic-worthy:

  1. Bad Boys franchise– co-starring Will Smith
  2. Life–co-starring Eddie Murphy
  3. House Party –co-starring Kid n Play
  4. What’s the Worst that Could Happy –co-starring Danny DeVito.
  5. Boomerang –co-starring Eddie Murphy

I wish Martin Lawrence the best. He was a great source of laughter in the 90s, early 2000s. Even today, many of us love to watch the reruns of Martin and still laugh at the characters he and his cast played so well.

Good luck, Marty Mar, we love you, still.


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