“Mr. Church”| Critics Rave about Eddie Murphy’s Performance

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Surprisingly, critics rave about Eddie Murphy’s performance in Mr. Church.  This is surprising because Murphy is usually a hit or miss when it comes to serious dramatic roles. Oftentimes his fans find it hard to take him serious because his facial expressions and body movements are hilarious on their own. It will be interesting to see how well Mr. Church does when it premiers on Sept. 16, 2016 (USA).

Set in 1965, Los Angeles, Mr. Church is hired to cook and clean for Marie (Natascha McElhone) and her daughter, Charlie (Britt Robertson). From this friendship, Mr. Church learns to true value of friendship and Charlie gains a support system the extends into her adulthood. This is very intriguing story line. Murphy and McElhone act through several developmental stages of the teen. While McElhone character grows into a strong woman, Murphy’s character learns that true love is limitless.

Although there are currently mixed reviews about the movie, one thing is certain, critics rave about Murphy’s performance in this American drama. Over the years, we’ve witnessed Murphy’s range; from playing a cop in Beverly Hills to multiple roles in the Nutty Professor to his dramatic performance as James ‘Thunder’ Early in the Dream Girls. Of these roles, James Early was the most provocative. He’d play the hustler, as he did in LIFE, but never a drug-addict and hopeless romantic.  He has been taking several changes to develop his craft and now its time for him to flex his acting muscles.

As mentioned previously, Mr. Church premieres in the US on Sept. 16th 2016. If you’re from the Netherlands, you’ll have to wait a couple more months , Nov. 11, 2016.

To see if Mr. Church is worth seeing in theaters, watch the trailer…

Q: Are you interested in watching this movie? If you’ve watched it what are your thoughts?

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