Bullying | Teen fights back with “Sit With Us” App


A teenager fights back with a phone app.  Sixteen-year-old, Natalie Hampton was being ostracized by her classmates, which led to her being alone during lunch period every day. Ignoring the seating protocol was not an option for Hampton. Doing so would lead to her being humiliated in front of the entire lunchroom. Sitting alone has its subtle bouts of embarrassment, but at least you could stay under the radar.

Most teenagers would either accept their place as a loner in the lunchroom or reinvent themselves to be more accepted by the group they desired to be in. Not Hampton, she thought beyond her teenage experience and realize that there are others out there who are experiencing the same thing. Imagine dreading going to lunch every day? Food is one of the basic needs in human life. It could at least be enjoyable, right?

So how does it work?

Users (mostly kids) download the app (Sit With Us) as part of a lunch planning program. Within this app, users can find a person to sit with or become a seat ambassador. The likelihood of this app working in a lot of students favor is very plausible. Whether or not it combats the bullying is yet to be determined.

Q: Have you ever dreaded finding a seat at a lunchroom table?

Source: NPR

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