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janet jackson, baby bump exclusive

Janet Jackson gives People Magazine a baby bump exclusive! This Friday, People will have a full exclusive article on Janet Jackson and her plans for her new bundle of joy. All we know now is: Jackson is  six-plus months pregnant with her husband’s, Wissam Al Mana, child. Whether it’s a boy or a girl we will soon find out.

Jackson looks as if she is close to her due date. Her belly is huge! And those micro braids are cause for due date speculation. In case you didn’t know, micros is a classic labor and delivery hairstyle for image conscious black women. Push that baby out for 10 minutes, picture ready in 2.

Jackson announced her pregnancy in April 2016. Since her pregnancy is high risk, she canceled her tour, scheduled to start in May 2016. This will be Jackson’s first and only child. I doubt she’ll be trying for another one at her age.  She said it right, “This baby is a blessing” –People.

Fifty-years-old and pregnant? God bless them.

Since I pointed out that this is her first and only child, let me address the elephant in the room. Many believe this is her second child. When the news broke, many of my acquaintances said, “Did you hear that Janet Jackson is pregnant again at 50?”  It’s all speculation, of course.

The Rumor

Rumor has it that Jackson conceived her first child with ex-husband, James Debarge. Debarge recently told Radar Online, that a young lady contacted him via email and said she was his daughter. The young lady also wanted to take a paternity test. According to Debarge, the girl was adopted. On her adopted parent’s deathbed, she was told that she is Janet Jackson’s daughter. This story contradicts the one about Stevanna Jackson. Not so long ago, images surfaced of Joe Jackson standing beside a young Harvard graduate with an uncanny resemblance to Janet Jackson.


Turns out, the rumor mill got it wrong. Rebbie Jackson didn’t adopt Janet’s baby, Randy did!  Wait, it gets better. After, over thirty years of speculation, an adopted woman contacts James Debarge and tells him that her adopted mother confessed that she is Janet Jackson’s daughter. Oh…by the way, a paternity test has never been taken.  It’s been two years since this mysterious woman contacted Debarge. I know what you’re thinking. The Jackson family could have paid her off. Highly doubtful. What do they have to gain from keeping it a secret?

Whether Janet Jackson is the mother of two has not been determined. She refuses to entertain the rumors. In regards to Stevanna looking a lot like her. The Jackson’s have strong genes, especially those cheekbones. It’s not unusual for a sibling child to come out looking just like a sister or brother. Nevertheless, the baby bump confirms; Janet Jackson is having a baby. Prayers going up for a healthy baby and safe delivery.

Q: What would you do if you found out you were pregnant at 50?






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