SAG Awards| Denzel Washington hits a HOME RUN

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After several SAG nomination for best actor, including his performance in Flight, Training Day and The Hurricane, Denzel Washington hits a home run at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild, SAG awards. For his performance in Fences, Washington took home the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role.

Although this is a great win for Washington, especially since he directed the movie, Viola Davis made SAG award history as the first African-American actress to win five SAG Awards. Viola is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the acting world. Her signature snot-nosed cry adds that extra ummph to her performances that makes viewers sympathize with her.

What is Fences About?

Fences is an american period drama movie set in 1950s Pittsburgh. Originally a Pulitzer prize-winning play, written by the late August Wilson, Fences is an american period drama movie adapted as a screenplay by the original writer and directed by lead actor, Denzel Washington. In the 50’s African American’s continued to deal with the aftermath of american slavery. Although they were free citizens, they were treated as equals. Equal pay and opportunity was slimmer than they are for African American’s of today.

What’s Washington’s Role in this Movie?

Washington played a garbage man (Troy Maxon) who struggled with being able to provide for his family: wife Rose played by Viola Davis; and son Cory, Jovan Adepo. He doesn’t believe that he would have been able to become a homeowner if it wasn’t for the government payout his brother received for the brain injury he ensued during World War II.

While in prison, Troy found his talent for baseball, but that career was put to a halt due to racial discrimination in the baseball league. Troy went on to play in the Negro Leagues, but never got a shot to be in the Majors. This creates a bitter man. Years later, his son, Cory, gets an opportunity to get a scholarship to college for his football talent. Troy doesn’t believe that he will have a shot because of racial discrimination and sabotages his son’s chances of making a better life for himself.

Although Troy loves Rose, he finds himself in a cheating situation that goes south when his mistress becomes pregnant. Troy is forced to tell his wife about the other women and child because he prides himself on taking care of his responsibility. This incident is the turning point in their marriage. Rose’s decision to stay is one of controversy because a lot of women to today would leave him to sink in that man-made quicksand he created. Nevertheless, love conquers all. There are some great lessons about forgiveness and compassion in this movie.



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