Sandra Bullock |Arguably one of the best Actresses

In the 90’s Sandra Bullock was that actress that movie lovers liked to see on the screen. And for me, it all started with “Speed.” In 1994, Speed was one of the most intense thrillers in the movie theaters. I remember my husband nearly walking out of the movie theater when he saw the baby carriage fly into the air.I can still hear the audience gasps as the scene began, then sigh when the scene ended.

Movie Comparison

There isn’t much gasping and sighing going on today. Most movie water down plot lines with CGI and special effects. Although modern-day technology is very appealing and opens up the doors to unlimited possibilities, I don’t think that it is necessary for movie executives to shove it down our throats. I mean we are human; we crave inspiration; we want to gain insight. There is nothing insightful about a bunch of Dinosaurs running around killing humans. Sorry Jurassic World writers, I was thoroughly entertained but walked away uninspired.  Let me digress and get back on topic:

Most Memorable Performances

The nineties were a good year for Bullock to establish her career as a serious actress. Good scripts were plentiful and she jumped on as many of them as she could get her hands on.

The Net

This article focuses on “The Net.” Although her performance in this movie is completely different from her Grammy award performance as Leigh Anne Touhy in “The Blind Side,” the comparison of these characters is a testament to Bullock’s stellar acting skills. Both characters are polar opposites. Leigh Anne is a feisty, no-nonsense type who will do anything for the people she loves, even blindly go into the ghetto to help a young black man who she claimed was her family.

Angela Bennett (The Net) is a timid, analytical personality type. When her purse was stolen Angela’s fight/flight response was “No, No, No it’s not worth getting killed over.” This is a very logical thing to say, but doing nothing also says a lot. “The Blind Side” character, Leigh Anne would have tracked the purse snatcher down then beat him with her purse on the strength that he endangered a loved one.

What sets Sandra Bullock apart from others

Versatility has always been one of the driving factors to whether I like an actor. A lot of people can act, but not many of them can own a character in the way that Bullock can. When I initially watched this movie, I wasn’t paying attention to her acting skills. I watched it because I loved her performance on “Speed” and wanted to see what else she was capable of. And, I’ll admit that I didn’t see her star quality until she played the role of Leigh Anne. Nevertheless, Bullock has always had the gift and all she needed was experience and the right role to show the world that she was born to do this.

As for my favorite movie that she has ever played in, I would have to say “The Blind Side” with “Speed” as a close second. What is your favorite movie that Sandra Bullock played in?


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