Nelly Campaign | Rapper may be able to pay off tax liens


Fans of the Hip-Hop artist and philanthropist, Nelly, have bound together to help him pay off back taxes in the amount of $2.5 million (federal); $150,000 (state).  The hashtag for Nelly campaign is #SaveNelly and to date, Nelly has tripled his debt from Spotify streams –Washington Post.

What’s the 411?

Earlier this week, TMZ reported the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and St. Louis Stat Tax office  hit the ‘Country Grammer’ rapper with a huge tax lien, totaling roughly $2.6 million. Nelly fans jumped to his rescue and started supporting the #SaveNelly campaign. All Nelly fans have to do is stream, Hot in Herre on Spotify.  To date, the campaign is a huge success. The fans have spoken, “Nellyville is worth saving!”

So why do you think so many fans jumped to Nelly’s rescue?

Although most may put a hip-hop twist on this phenomenon. It’s bigger than hip-hop. Nelly is generally a good guy. He took on the job of raising his sister’s two children as a single father. And, let’s face it Nelly does a lot for his community. He’s has been giving back for as long as he’s had  the right amount of hip-hop accolades to benefit his causes. To name a few, he has raised money for scholarships with his annual White and Black Ball and developed a non-profit organization (4Sho4Kids) to help children with developmental disabilities and born addicted to drugs.

With all of that philanthropy going on, Nelly fans may have had no choice but to stream his “Hot in Herre” song on Spotify. Good things will always come back to good people. Don’t ya think?

How does it work?

If you’re interested in helping Nelly pay off his debt, stream “Hot in Herre” for free on Spotify.

Q: Do you have a specific reason why you would help Nelly pay off his debt? Share here.



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