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Today we will find out who will win a contract on “The Rap Game,” season 2. Once again, Jermaine Dupri (JD) will have a difficult decision to make because all of the contestants have grown since they started on the show. But, there can only be one winner. Based on the rap game hit list for this season, the top three contenders are Lil Key, Nia Kay, and Prince of NY.

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Each of young artist has grown in several different areas and has proven themselves in key challenges. Although the other artists are favorites and have grown equally, they have not done enough to show that they are ready for the next level in the rap game.

Recap back to season 1 when Miss Mulatto won the competition. In the final episode, she stood side by side with Lil Niqo. Both were the strongest contenders in the show. Jermaine Dupri (JD) explained that he was choosing the person who was most ready, most prepared.  From where JD was standing Miss Mulatto was more ready to be a young hip-hop artist than Lil Niqo, despite his strong lyricism. This made sense because most record companies want the full package, artist development cost time and money, with no guarantee that the person will rise to the occasion.

Fast forward to season 2. The cast is stronger than the first season. For the top three contenders, it’s truly fair game. All of them have stumbled at one time or another. None has been as consistent as Miss Molatto, but this group has had more difficult challenges than the cast members of season 1.  The “Birthday Bash” and “Battle to the Def” episodes alone challenged season 2 cast on a completely different level.  Lil Key and Prince of NY performances in the battle rap with real battle rappers was phenomenal. And Lil Key’s performance at the Birthday Bash blew people away. These performances really set these two young rappers apart from the rest.

Whoever wins will definitely need to have an undeniable hunger for this contract. It is that hunger that will take them far in the music industry. When we are hungry, our focus is clear; persistence, unwavering. Only one contestant has demonstrated this hunger consistently throughout the show: Lil Key. He maintains his cool and focuses on the prize. He has won three challenges over the course of the season and has learned from his past mistakes. Lil Key’s aggressive rap style, strong work ethic, and sharp wit place him at an advantage. He’s not afraid to fail and always aims to succeed. The only thing that would mess him up now is if he forgot his lyrics during the final performance.

The second runner-up is the Prince of New York. If he shows tremendous growth in his performance, he may take that chain from everybody. The Prince of New York is the most versatile rapper on the show.  And he doesn’t mind speaking the truth. The only concern JD may have about him and his mother is their tempers.

In the words of Jennifer Lewis, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Update(9/23)- Surprisingly, Mani won the contract.

Q: Do you think Mani should have won the So So Def contract?


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