Black Panther Opening Weekend| A Must See

black panther movie

Black Panther Movie Trailer It’s black history month 2017.  Marvel Comics Studios has made an impression on black history in film.  For those of us African-Americans who feel slighted by Hollywood because there are not enough positive and substantive movies to represent us, this one is for you!  Black Panther is phenomenal in every way […]

Self-Awareness: What are your Dominant Negative Thought patterns?


I am currently reading, Inyanla Vanzant’s recent book, Get Over It: Prayers and Affirmations For Healing the Hard Stuff, and found inspiration to take out some time to figure out the core beliefs that are hurting and hindering me.  In this book, Vanzant shares deep insight into our negative thought patterns (core beliefs). This process […]

Jay-Z on Compassion, Self-Awareness, and the Importance of Knowing Your History

We all make mistakes, but the burning question is: what did you learn? Often we try to hide it for fear of being ridiculed, punished or rejected. We feel stupid for making mistakes as if the act of making a mistake measures our intelligence. Mistakes are NOT a bad thing; they are a necessary part […]

No Ma’am I will Not Jump on the NetFlix Boycott Bandwagon

Netflix boycott, Monique

When it comes to Monique’s call to boycott Netflix for color and gender bias, I’m reminded of the philosophical thought experiment: If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around, does it still make a sound? For those of you who haven’t been following this story, I’ll summarize. In an Instagram post, Monique […]

Movie Review: What or Who Are You Giving Your Power to?

penelope, power within, movie review

Have you ever watched the movie, Penelope? If you haven’t, you are in for a treat! It’s a modern-day love story about Penelope Wilhern(Christina Ricci), a young heiress cursed with the snout of a pig from birth. The only way to break the curse was if one of her ”own kind” claimed her as their […]

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